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A basic part of all projects, utility design is a component that is invisible but of the greatest importance.

EdVenture Children's Museum
Columbia, SC

RB Todd Project PhotoAs the population of the Columbia Riverbanks Region continues to expand, a grassroots movement grew to construct a children's learning museum. The museum provides an atmosphere for hands-on learning and fun for children of all ages. Children can drive a fire truck, anchor the news, swim the Great Barrier Reef and build a house. They can even explore inside of EDDIE, a three-story boy designed to teach children about basic anatomy.

To construct this facility, a site prep package was required to relocate an 84-inch storm drain line, 15-inch sanitary sewer line, and a 10-inch natural gas line. The storm drain line could not be rerouted away from the building due to other site restrictions; therefore, an equivalent sized box culvert was constructed under the building. The box culvert was aligned in such a manner as to avoid the 40 pilings installed to support the building.

Following the site prep package, RB Todd completed construction documents which included site grading and utility design.