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Stormwater management design is a complex part of every building project. Recent trends in environmental design require either the treatment of stormwater or containment depending upon project size and scope. A firm that understands these issues is indispensable.

Chartwell Subdivision Drainage Improvements
Columbia, SC

RB Todd Project PhotoThe existing subsurface drainage collection system for the Chartwell subdivision was undersized due to upstream development which feeds the system. A subsurface collection system was designed to divert the portion of runoff which exceeded the existing collection systems' capacity in an effort to eliminate surcharging. Engineers determined the 24-inch portion of the pipe network was undersized and needed to be replaced with a larger pipe. However, the existing pipe location was such that removal and replacement would be cost prohibitive due to property improvements. The engineer proposed a solution which involved splitting the upstream flow into two equal flow rates. Half of the flow rate would be directed into the existing system and the other half into a new 24-inch pipe network. A "splitter basin" was designed to divide the flow into two equal halves. The flows were combined again downstream into a larger existing pipe. This project also involved the removal and replacement of roll curb and gutter with barrier curb and gutter along with new SC Department of Transportation approved curb inlets.