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We have completed many roadway and highway projects throughout South Carolina. Here's an example of one of our finished projects.

Highway 170 Widening
Beaufort, SC

RB Todd Project PhotoThis project consisted of widening an existing two-lane road to four lanes. Portions of the road were designed as a continuous pavement cross-section with a middle turn lane while other sections were divided with intermittent cross-overs. Key intersections were realigned to improve sight lines along with the addition of acceleration and deceleration lanes. The design team also was responsible for the stormwater collection and treatment of runoff from bridges. Stormwater runoff was collected from the bridges where the first flush was directed through oil/water separators before discharging into the rivers. Our team removed several hundred feet of existing causeway, allowing those areas to return to their natural state as a salt marsh. The road was aligned in such a manner as to avoid the removal of numerous old growth live oak trees.