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Recreational pursuits are interwoven in our daily lives. That's why designing recreational facilities, such as ball fields including Miracle League fields for disabled children, equine arenas, and tennis courts have become one of our strongest areas of specialty.

Here are a few of the recreation facilities we've designed, some of which are award-winning.

USC Recreation Facility at the Strom Thurmond Fitness & Wellness Center
The University of South Carolina

Columbia, SC

RB Todd Project PhotoThe Strom Thurmond Fitness & Wellness Center was built as a world-class facility by USC to promote healthy lifestyles and recreation. It was built in downtown Columbia's city limits and is considered the best of its type in the country on a college campus, with 192,000 square feet of indoor space that includes a gymnasium, pro shop, outdoor pool, climbing wall, classrooms, wellness center, volleyball courts, track, natatorium, fitness equipment, racquetball and squash courts, and outdoor soccer and leisure fields.

RB Todd was chosen to provide the site design for the Recreation Facility adjacent to the Fitness & Wellness Center. The firm's civil engineer designed four recreation fields surrounding the Center, three soccer fields and one leisure field. As a part of the design, he created an underground detention facility under the recreation fields in order to free up land around the building so as to have as much space for recreation as possible.

RB Todd also had to relocate water and sanitary sewer lines to accommodate the new fields. Site design necessitated the removal of an existing detention pond and a large earth stock pile to accommodate the playing fields.